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  • “The Mitten” Bee Bot Set (sku# 2875T-NW)

    Laminated Bee Bot mat (poster) (24″x18″) containing 4 squares by 3 squares.

    Individual laminated student cards (5″x5″) printed on heavy-weight paper. To be used with the book “The Mitten.”

  • Computer Science Vocabulary cards (1860ER-HL)

    This is a set of 71 cards that are 8.5 x 3.66. Printed in full color on coverstock.


  • Hello World’s The Big Book of Computing Content (1867ER-GW)

    The Big Book of Computing Content focuses on what computer science teachers can teach. From data and information, to the effective use of tools, to artificial intelligence, The Big Book of Computing Content explores what we mean by computing and aims to provide a common language to describe the different areas of study and competencies, giving you an indispensable companion to understanding the breadth of knowledge contained within this constantly evolving subject. This book complements their Big Book of Computing Pedagogy special edition and follows the same principle of introducing you to up-to-date research followed by our favourite stories from past Hello World issues, in which educators like you have put that content into practice.

  • Hello World’s The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy (1868ER-GW)

    The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy: Hello World’s special edition focuses on approaches to teaching computing in the classroom, and includes some of their favorite pedagogically themed articles. This special issue aims to be your companion to learning about tried-and-tested approaches to teaching computing. It bridges the gap between research and practice, giving you accessible chunks of research, followed by stories from trusty educators who have tried out various approaches in their classroom or educational space.
    The Grant Wood Computer Science team offers courses to help you study the articles in this text and connect with fellow computer science educators in our area. Learn more at
  • Vinyl Grid Robot Mat with Transparent Overlay (1866ER-GW)

    Grid mats with lamination over the top of the two mats. The mats are folded at the top and have grommets in them for hanging. One set of mats includes: one mat of 6×6 squares and one mat of 3×6 squares.